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Here are some of the types of promotional videos we can film for your company:

ABOUT US PROMO-in this video we showcase your company at your business location. Rather then having to read through the text on your website, this is a great way to let people learn what you are about in just two to three minutes.

CASE STUDY/TESTIMONIALS- Having satisfied client/clients talk about your services is a great way to boost your companies credibility and showcase the services you offer.

SERVICES PROMO- This type of promo video introduces potential customers to the services that your company has to offer clients.

PRODUCT PROMO-What better way to demonstrate your latest product than to show it off with a promo video? Not only will you announce your product or service to your audience, you can demonstrate its use, explain its features, and establish its necessity to your customers. And if you don’t want to be in the video, we can film your product in creative ways all by itself.

EVENTS PROMO- if you are hosting a small or large case event, those who do not attend will miss out. We can come and film it and edit it not a promo video for your website/social media so everyone gets to see what great stuff you have been up to.


Investing some money in a promotional video is a good move because promotional videos are proven to work.  Sometimes, all a future customer or prospective client needs is that extra push to take the leap and try out your product or service. Studies have even shown that creating a promo video for your company, organisation, events helps get the word out in a form that your followers want to see. Customers actually prefer watching a video on your website as it makes information easy to digest and remember.

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