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“Executive Presence” is an authoritative presence that engenders trust. It grabs and holds attention and is intrinsically linked with gravitas. “Executive Presence” means connecting with your audience on a fundamental level, and captivating them by speaking with credibility. It involves influencing the way your audience feel by feeling comfortable and powerful within yourself, being physically convincing and creating a strong, warm atmosphere. Here at Wize, we show you how to develop and establish or refine your own executive presence as a manager, CEO, or leader in your community, so you can influence and inspire your teams, speak with greater authority and be a person of substantial and positive influence.

“Executive presence is clarity of vision and values, conviction and confidence.”

Clara Conti


  • The art of “Executive Presence”. Understand what Executive Presence is and what it isn’t and the individuals who demonstrate executive presence with their behaviour and communication style.

  • How much executive presence you possess. You’ll receive a break down analysis of your current levels of executive presence and precise steps on how you can start to develop it further.

  • Learn how to influence your teams through motivation and inspiration as society moves away from an authotarian style of leadership to a more democratic style.

  • Learn the art of effective body language so that your posture, eye contact and gestures convey influence and leadership.

  • We will show you how to use your voice and words more engagingly and effectively so you can convey greater gravitas.  

  • Understand the art of conflict resolution- and how to handle difficult situations in the most appropriate and effective manner.


Our Leadership Presence Masterclasses are 3 and a half hours long and are delivered online or live on a  one to one basis or to your team. Engaging, insightful and designed with your learning in mind, by the end of the masterclass you will have understood what leadership presence is and how you can start to developing your own leadership presence going forward.


In this one or two day masterclass, your management will learn what leadership presence is and how they can increase their own executive presence. The session is highly interactive with attendees getting to practice the very skills they learn in the session to see its immediate impact on their executive presence.    


In our one to one tailored coaching sessions you receive more personal and laser focused coaching on  “Leadership Presence”Each session is one hour long and spread out over 6 or 12 weeks so you are able to develop your awareness and practice your new behaviours until they become second habit. 12 weeks is the optimal time for you to start establishing greater executive presence and is well spaced out so that you can reach your new goals and milestones

We’ve featured in

Happy Client's

Aysha is a highly impactful communicator who stage presence, knowledge and ability to engage and audience is outstanding. It has been a real joy and hugely insightful working with her over the past few weeks. Can’t recommend her more highly. Just excellent.

Mr Shavez Q

Legal and General, Finance division

“It was a great experience having a public speaking session with Aysha. She was able to identify what was needed to add to my skills to deliver sharp and effective corporate talks and presentations. I feel equipped and cannot wait to apply the tips and strategies in my next speech with my team.”

Usman Rashid

Project Manager, Information Catalyst

Aysha is a highly effective trainer and I would highly recommend her “Powerful Public Speaking Masterclasses”. If you struggle to speak effectively in public- Aysha will give you the confidence to do it.”

Vilayte Essa

CEO & Founder, SQ Digital

“We couldn’t have done it without you”.


Khuram Zubair

TEDx Organisor

“Aysha is very focussed and incisive and was able to get straight to what matters. Her hosting of the event was exellent. Her expertise and professionalism added huge value to the TEDx event. She is clearly a person of huge ability and talent.”

Neil Jurd, OBE

Founder, Leaders Connect

“Aysha has a strong understanding of impactful communications. She is very experienced, very approachable and very quick in grasping the issues at hand, while giving pertinent advice about how to strategize a successful PR campaign. Highly recommend.” Founder, Babble

Faisal Shaikh

Founder, Babble

“Aysha has a great understanding of powerful public speaking and presentations and delivers highly engaging, tranformative masterclasses. It has been a pleasure working with her.”

Fiaz I

Enterpreneur, Cult Furniture, Boutique Camping, Lost Angel

“Aysha has been paramount in supporting our progress as we launch our new media lounge. She has raised the bar on our professional communication style.”

Saffron Saunders

CEO, Start up Croydon

“Aysha delivered an excellent workshop for us at Social Ark. it was fun and interactive. Highly recommend this training for social entrepreneurs and start ups”

Lisa Steponavic

CEO Social Ark Work

“Aysha is a true professional not just in her knowledge of public relations but in her communication skills. Clear and concise she gave me very specific things to take action on that helped immensely. It was a pleasure working with her and I look forward to working with her again soon”

Brian Kelsey

American Producer and Talk show host Ten minutes with Brian Kelsey

“Aysha has a strong understanding of how the media operates and has secured us extensive coverage in the local media. I’m looking forward to Ayshas media interview training session which will be rolled out to organisations as part of Choices personal and organisational development programme”

Sheri Lawal


“This was an excellent Media Interview training session with structure, content and examples very specific to our needs. Informative with lots of brilliant tips and techniques that will come in very handy in our work. Exactly what we asked for. Thank you”

Aliyah Mohammed

CEO - Race Equality Council
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